Reward Mechanism:
­čĺŚ 5% off discount on your next order (10% off discount on your next order if you have a high-quality video)

Collaboration Rules:
You need to post videos on social media platforms, with Dreamflowerlashes in the graphics, and @ our official account in the text.
Videos that have received rewards are kept for at least one month.
(Participating videos are not allowed to be stolen, and if you use unusual means, you are considered to have given up participating in the event.) 

Collaboration Channel:
­čĺŚ Instagram: dflashesofficial
­čĺŚ Tik Tok: dflashesofficial
­čĺŚ YouTube: Dreamflowerlashes


For more details, please contact

WA´╝Ü+86 19805424464

Email: jerry@dreamflowerlashes.com