A Comprehensive Guide to Lash Extension Diameters

Let's dive into the world of lash diameters!­čĹç

Did you know that eyelash extensions are available in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.03mm to 0.20mm? Choosing the right diameter depends on the lash style you want to achieve and the natural lashes of your clients.

Find the Perfect Diameter at DreamFlowerLashes®

DF lashes offer a comprehensive range of lash diameters (0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20mm) in classic, volume, and premade fans. This ensures that you can find the perfect lash diameter to suit your needs and those of your clients! ­čśë

Understanding Lash Extension Diameters

0.03mm: For Mega Volume Sets (Use 10 lashes or more)
Achieving full and fluffy volume sets

0.03mm lashes are the thinnest and most delicate lashes available. Remarkably, 10D 0.03 lashes even weigh less than a single 0.15 classic lash! These ultra-lightweight lashes are perfect for creating mega volume sets, offering a full look without adding weight.

0.05mm: For Full Volume Sets (Use 5-10 lashes)
Achieving full and fluffy volume sets

0.05mm lashes are slightly thicker than 0.03mm, making them easier to handle while still being lightweight. These lashes are ideal for creating full volume sets, such as making a fan with 5/8/10 volume lashes. The result is a voluminous yet soft and fluffy look.


0.07mm: For Light Volume Sets (Use 3-6 lashes)
Crafting light and natural volume sets

0.07mm lashes are the most popular choice for light volume sets. Lash artists favor these lashes for their ease of use in creating natural clean styles. Clients appreciate the natural, understated look that 0.07mm lashes provide.

0.10mm: For Light Volume and Classic Sets (for Weak or Short Lashes)
Versatile for both volume and classic sets

When using 0.10mm lashes for volume sets, limit their use to 2 or 3 lashes to avoid heaviness. For classic sets, 0.10mm lashes are excellent for clients with short or weak natural lashes

0.15mm: For Classic Sets (for Average Natural Lashes)
Creating classic lash extension sets

0.15mm lashes are a staple for many lash artists, often being the first diameter learned in lash courses. They strike a perfect balance, being neither too heavy nor too fine, making them ideal for classic sets.

0.18mm/0.20mm: For Classic Sets (for Strong or Long Natural Lashes)
For dramatic classic lash extensions

0.18mm and 0.20mm lashes are reserved for clients with strong natural lashes, as they are heavier than other diameters. By upgrading manufacturing tech, they can still offer a dramatic look without adding too much weight.



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